FLMMLDM Ch 11.1 – I Do That Difficult Thing Again

” That’s too bad. Yesterday I liked it because you was more human… “

She talked to herself, but his red pupil, when their eyes met, was greatly enlarged.

“… Yeah? “

Today, I learned a secret about Macaron’s body. Macaron has red ears. In a moment, Macaron, with an embarrassing expression over his face. leaned against the railing like a painting.

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FLMMLDM Ch 10.2 – The Prince’s Black History Has Been +1

Macaron couldn’t speak for a while and took his breath. It took him a while to interpret what he just heard. However, Momont’s words couldn’t turn Macaron’s thoughts so far, like flipping the palm of his hand.

” Why Kai ?! “

Macaron stuttered, seeing Momont hesitating. It took him less than a few minutes to clear up the situation.

I guess he still hasn’t accepted Calypse as his mother. However, no matter how it is, it is not a child who will be drugged. ‘

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FLMMLDM Ch 10.1 – The Prince’s Black History Has Been +1

[TL : Sorry for no update last week. Lot of problem pop out one after another and it make my head feel like explode. here’s the new chapter this week. ]

” My wife is dazzling and I can’t open my eyes. “

” … …! “

” Wife, if you’re looking elsewhere, I’m sad. “

” … … “

” When will you see me? “

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FLMMLDM Ch 9.2 – Rough Thoughts And Uneasy Eyes And Me Watching

” Yeah. I like mushroom now. “

It’s common for the diet to change as a child as an adult, but it will change within a few months. Besides, no matter how delicious the other things look, I’m not the one to ask for a change… I cheered for Coral, who stopped eating mushroom while tilting her head. Above all, I was thrilled that I started expressing my intentions.

Have we give less attention to Coral? ‘

Macaron gladly changed the soup. After that… Coral didn’t make a spoonful of soup. Then she started eating soup only after eye contact. Like a child who just notices.

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FLMMLDM Ch 9.1 – Rough Thoughts And Uneasy Eyes And Me Watching

It’s no wonder Kai hates me. My first love became my younger sister, and he would think that I was the cause. Kai will never take this marriage easily. If he were the guy who would easily give up his love with Coral, he wouldn’t have been a male lead. You know it as Macaron’s son who is in conflict with his stemother. It couldn’t be, but he added to the old woman feeling in case he would catch Kai.

” You don’t have to be too hard. This is what I expected. “

As she finished greeting and turned around, he looked blankly. Like someone who was scammed.

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FLMMLDM Ch 8.2 – You Have To Trust Me Entirely

” I want Kai to learn swordmanship. “

When Kai appeared on the topic, he was released for a while, and he became a sensitive cat, and raised one eyebrow.

” What does that mean suddenly? “

” The other child are being taught swordmanship at a younger age than Kai. Shouldn’t Kai also start? “

He smiled more strangely than before, shining red eyes.

” I hope you don’t care about Kai-related issues. “

The eyes behind the laughter were firmly drawing lines. Don’t be presumptuous.

” No. I have to pay attention. “

He’s my child now, and in the future he’ll be the son-in-law. Where are the parents who will turn away even when they see the difficult path in front of them. But he didn’t know anything, so this reaction was natural. It’s ridiculous that you’re not a formal wife, and that the contract wife suddenly cares about the childs problem. In fact, he looked blankly as if he didn’t understand the situation.

” Because he is my child now. “

With a complex and subtle expression, he raised his head, narrowing his eyebrows slightly. Long eyelashes draped over the eyes with no laughter.

” I want Kai to have peace in the Grand Duke that I will create instead of being stained by the complex aristrocratic society. “

Instead of struggling with complex power struggles and strength, I hope you will grow peacefully…

It was similar to his belief that he would become a grand duke while avoiding the emperor’s position. He was distinctly different from the parents of other noble families who consider their children to be an exclusive property. It was a great point to know how stupid Macaron was. But there is a flaw in his argument.

” How does your Majesty see the peace now can be achieved? “

Macaron tilted his head as if what I was talking about. With a smile, she moved the chest piece on his table and pulled the queen back.

” The peace now is possible because the Majesty has more power than the First Prince. “

” That’s a dangerous statement. “

” This is my house and Mr. Macaron is my husband, so this should be okay. “

Looking at Macaron’s reddish ears without knowing the reason, she moved the queen back forward.

” If your Majesty’s power becomes stronger than his Majesty’s, do you think this peace will be maintained at that time? “

First Prince was a greedy man. Macaron, who had experienced it more directly than anyone else, would know it well. Macaron, who had a serious expression just a little while ago, shook his chin slowly.

” That’s why Kai has to learn swordmanship. “

The same is true if Macaron successfully receives the position of Grand Duke. The Grand Duke is always treated as and ember to threaten the imperial family. So this was convincing enough.

” If you don’t grow up, you won’t be able to keep any peace. Peace is a treasure given by those who have the power to protect it. “

Macaron’s red eyes shook slightly.

” It’s correct to hear my wife’s words. “

You say you can persuade right away? I was surprised to see a reaction that is quite different from the sensitive cat expression.

” But there are conditions. “

Then it is. I didn’t even think he would accept it right away. So I prepared a long 1-hour PT…

” I’m thinking that Kai should want to learn swordmanship by himself. “

No matter how good a teacher is, it is useless to a student who is not motivated. I also had no intention of forcing Kai to learn swordmanship without Kai’s will. But this was a very difficuly problem.

This is telling me to convince Kai outright. ‘

His eyes were crookedly bent, as if he could never do it. But I looked confidently into his eyes.

” I do. “

” It will be difficult. Kai’s body is a gem disease and he hates it. “

Does anyone know? Are you saying fucking me now?

” I see, I’ll looking at him. He will probably do it. “

Macaron laughed that it was interesting. Now the hand was thrown and the most important thing was Kai’s mind. And Kai’s heart… It must have been inclined a lot already.

” How are you sure of that? “

” Just… There is a corner to beliver. ” (TL: of course, she have a cheat aka Coral. lol)

” Is this from the one who has never met Kai? “

It’s sarcastic, but his strange tone offsets it. Should I say that he is really curious or surprising? Well, you have to avoid me. It seemed like he had promised to run away from me in pairs.

” I think Kai still hates me a lot. “

Was it too straightforward? She murmured as if she was going to blow a car, and she finally calmed down and made eye contact. I added it toward the embarrassing expression.

” Because it’s a new one, it feels difficult. “

Was this more difficult for her? Macaron immediately concluded.

” We will arrange a family meal soon. “

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FLMMLDM Ch 8.1 – You Have To Trust Me Entirely

Late at night when I fell asleep, unlike usual, Coral came to the bedroom. Before coming here, I thought I was sleeping together in a small room. When I let her come in, and when she got to the bed, Coral crept into the blanket. Unlike in the past, I couldn’t hear the breath. It was a very light movement, but it was obvious that there was anxiety about the repeated twisting all night.

Was is a fight with Kai?

The pale appearance of Kai that I saw during the day didn’t leave my mind.

” Coral, can you tell your mom if you have any concerns? “

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FLMMLDM Ch 7.2 – Mountain Beyond Mountain

*It was a peaceful day except for Seira’s visit. There was no end to the housework even though I had a little bit of makeup work, my main job. The life of the madams will be so busy. It was already a week to organize the documents. Then a bird flew in and touched the window. The cute owl, like a clever workhorse, stretched out it leg on which the letter was hung. I didn’t know that a reply would come so soon…

[ If Coral comes to the Imperial Academy, we will always welcome. The test scores are also the best, so I think she can go straight to the regular class. ]

The regular class in the chemistry department was a place to enter only after completing beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Coral was the first student to enter the regular class so quickly. I was guessing because she was a genius, but it was a move that exceeded expectations. When I entered the regular class, I would take classes with my sister and brothers after I had my debut, but I wasn’t worried. Again, Coral is a genius…

Becaise Kai will be opening her eyes at the academy. ‘

Coral overjoyyed when she heard the news of re-entry to the Imperial Academy. As far as I know, it was a time when Kai and Coral’s love front did not form in earnest. Because the story started from now. But….

Is it wrong?

The laughter that never leaves Coral’s mouth… It was different from before. Of course, it might be a pleasure to go back to where you were. But seeing such a bright expression made me suspicious.

” Is there any kid you like at the Imperial Academy? “

” No. It’s not like that… “

Coral repeatedly denied it with a red, ripe face like an apple. Seeing that appearance, I was more suspicious, but pretended not to know.

” What kind of prince does Coral want to meet? “

Coral liked to read children’s book. As expected, the child’s eyes widened in the prince’s story. Her wriggling fingers clenched her fists, as if finally concluding.

” I will not meet with the prince. “

Well, it’s not just the prince in the children’s book. In particular, Coral’s gaze now has a way to adapt to reality outside of fairy tales.

” You hate the prince? Who restricts you to not like the prince? Handsome black hair? “

Is it because you already know the ending? Somehow, all the explanations flowed to Kai. The reason Coral doesn’t like the prince is probably because she doesn’t know that Kai will later become emperor. But…

” No… If I meet the prince, I can’t be with my mother. “


” Coral is…. I like my mom the most. “

Without knowing, I hugged the Coral tightly, and Coral raised her head in my arms.

” I will live with my mom until I die. “

At a moment, I was speechless and the tear gland button was pressed.

Wouldn’t Coral be surprised to see me crying again?

After thinking many things and barely cooling off my tears, I could see Coral properly. I felt like I wanted to live with Coral forever, as Coral said. For Kai, our Coral… It’s too wasteful.

Did Kai and she have a fight?

It wouldn’t have been like this if they had had a fight. Contrary to the ambitious desire to teach Kai to spartan education, the current me… I haven’t even had a proper conversation with Kai. Then, someone knocked on the door.

Have anyone come to the Coral room?

Coral, with her eyes wide open, seemed to know who was outside. A little open face, no way… As she nodded, Coral ran and opened the door. Kai was standing there. But…

Why is his face so white?

Kai gasped to see if he had jumped.

What’s so urgent…

Even after eye contact with me, Kai… It turned out to be stunned. Somehow, Coral’s expression… It looked dark.

Have Kai made any mistakes?

Kai found me and was restless, unable to enter.

They have a love fight… Am I just like a distuber?

After leaving Kai to come in, she slipped away.

‘ I’m a little worried about Coral’s expression… I’ll see if I ask later. ‘

*Calypse disappears and he’s in the room.

Kai still laughed over his pale face.

” The chemistry notebook you borrowed in the morning… Where is it? “

” Here. “

Fortunately, Coral knew nothing. Kai instantly erased the tension in his eyes and created a gentle expression.

” Never mind. If you can’t keep up with progress, tell me. “

Coral’s expression changed subtly, but he couldn’t see it in Kai’s relieved eyes.

” Thanks. Thanks to you, I think I will do well this semester. “

Kai smiled and waved at Coral. Coral, who waved face to face as she looked at it, sat down on the floor when Kai disappeard.

Oppa, I’m sorry.

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FLMMLDM Ch 7.1 – Mountain Beyond Mountain

A few days later, the peaceful mansion of Macaron was busy. At the front door, Butler Momont and several servants waited to greet me. The few luggage were easily transported under the direction of Momont, and the move was over in no time. As she walked through the corridor according to his guide, a charming eastern annex was located. It was too big for a space to stay alone with Coral, so my mouth was wide open. Of course, the interior was completely incomparable to the size I was living the other day. The room had a clean and cozy atmosphere in white tones, so the elasticity came out by itself.

I don’t like it, but I can see sincerity, is this?

When I recall the hall I saw before, the possibility of remodelling the color of this space seemed high.

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