The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 3

– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 3 –

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“The blessings of life come together. Welcome to Sanctusvita. Please tell us your name and purpose of visit.”

“Aristia La Monica, the eldest daughter of the Dukedom Monique. I want to see the propecy, but is it possible?”

“At what point do you want to see?”

“I want to know about the propecy you recently got. Did not it come down in a few months?”

“There is no such thing. It is th emost recent propecy that came down five years ago.”

Five years ago. If so, it is likely that it is not related to my memory. I heard that it would not be, but I asked her to show me all the record after I was born and asked them to lead me to the prayer room. It would be better to wait in a quiet space because it would take time.

I entered the prayer room and looked up at the carbed piece on the small altar. It is a symbol of the Vita that gives you the shape of a tree in many ways. When I was left alone in a quiet space, all my thoughts were pushed.

What do I do. I do not think there is any propecy that I’m looking for. How do I understand this situation?

My age in memory is seventeen. If I am ten years old, I would have spent seven years in my dreams overnight.

Is it possible? His eyes were cold and his eyes were so lively. The lonely and sad day is so clear.

So is it also a dream now? Is it only the last mercy God gave before my breath was blown?

My body trembled gradually. My heart was burned tightly with anxiety.

How much time has passed. I opened my eyes in a strange space in front of my eyes.

Where is this place?

I looked around and saw nothing. Only an endless white space in unfolding.

In a very unrealistic figure, I sighed a little of despair.

I guess I was dead again.

– “My child is here” –

I was amazed by the whispering voice at the space.


– “I am the one who gives life to all things. You called me Vita” –

A voice called self-giving. I was very embarrassed.

God, is it possible? Maybe someone is playing a prank.

Although they had called me the choosen one, the Bondi Shrine and my family were not in a good relationship.

– “Do not doubt. I know all of you.” –

“If you are the Father of life, please prove that I can belive.”

– “You are a suspicious child, good. What can I prove?” –

“Please tell me the ultimate reason I looked for this place.”

As far as I am concerned, if it was a joke from the temple, it was clear that I would come to read the propecy.

Even if you give another reason, you will not get the right answer. I haven’t spoken it to anyone.

– “You do want to know which one of you is real. your 17th or now.” –

“Uh, how do you…”

-“I am the one who takes care of all things. Nothing can escape my eyes. First, I’ll answer your question. Both are real.”-

“What do you mean?”

How could it be? It’s impossible unless you are against time…

-“Yes. Because I have returned the time of all life with the power of life given to me.“-

What? Turn the time of life? Is it possible that do such a thing even if it is the father of all things? If so, why? It’s obviously against civilization.

-“Because of my blessed child, the fate of many people has been distorted.“-


-“My blessed child was originally destined to be born in your world, but fell to another place due to the twist of dimension. And late found by angel to turned back to the original world. The fate of many of them has been distorted. You’re one of them, child“-

I was frustated. So, from the beginning, she was the ‘child of fate’, she was blessed and loved by God, and she is bound by the fate? Am I just made for her?

“Then why did not you fix the propecy again?”

-“Because I have lost my blessed child, I have also tied the thread of her fate with you.“-

“Are you referring to me as a thread of destiny because of her absence? Did he ignore me so much because I was not a designated companion? As soon as she appeared, his original fate, she fell in love immediately, and I was a substitute.”


“So this heart, my heart that was so heartbreaking is ust the feeling I felt because I was tied to the thread of destiny? I tried so hard, but what I did receive was that I was not the target of the destiny.”



I was a little breathless. Something hot was wriggling from the side of the chest.

“Are not you a God? Is not God loves and cares for all things fairly?”


“Yes? Are you really the owner of all things? God, who treats everything fairly, why is there a child of blessing? All of this world creature is not your child! Your child must be blessed! Blessed child? Did you make me on behalf of the child? Because you has lost your child, did you make me for her?”


“Why did I just have to live for that reason? Because of that I was abandoned, she took everything! What is God? If it is the Creator, it is good to interfere freely with the creature! What is the fate, then it make people so lonely!”

-“Inevitable decisions given to you humans. It is fatum“-

“Do not be ridiculous!”

The energy that wriggled in my heart burst out like a volcano. I screamed in a bunch of layers over the years.

“An inevitable decision? Do not be ridiculous! It is destiny that can not change? Such destiny, I will break it down. I will refuse such destiny! I will never accept my soul!”

-“Man can never avoid fate.“-

“AH! AH!”

The scream broke out in the temple.

Did I have to be deprived of his liberty only for such reason? Was it only because of it that I was raised as a woman for him?

Do you think I was the most lonely in the world without knowing my father’s love and loved him only because of my destiny?

Is that why he can justify my actions? Just because I was not his original companion?

I wrote badly as evil. I could not bear the fiery feelind in my heart. I felt like I was goind to go crazy if I was still there, so I screamed and screamed until I was thirsty.

-“I think you are sincere. But the fate that is fixed can not be changed. Instead, I will give you a gift as a reward for your fate.“-

How much time has passed. I rubbed up my lips on his voice, crying out again and again. I was laughing out of the way.

Are you going to do something like this?

You will give me a present?

Well, good. I am goind to see how great it will be, God, who will give you a gift unlike the past, as the future is flowing again as it gas already been determined.

I’ll take advantage of that reward to break the fate that I can never change.

“Is it? Good. I will receive compensation. I do not want to call you God. But I will never consider you God. I will not appreciate it. You have already taken away a lot from me. Now, I realise that there is no God that loves all things fairly.”

There was silence for a while. Maybe IT’s angry with my words. The God I belived was infinitely merciful, the punishment was sure and righteous, but I did not realize that it was not already.

Are you angry that I said something a little annoying? Then what is the different between God and human.

When I tried to smile and burst my lips, I heard a ringing voice in my head.

-“You are the one who receives my attention, the one who refuses destiny. The way you go is your destiny, and what you want is your way. Your name is Aristia Fiona La Monique, who is pioneers of fate.“-

The white space becan to retreat quickly. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly I sat in a small prayer room.


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The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 1

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– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 1 –

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The first room I watched was not much different from my office in memory. Documents stacked on a large desk, tables and chairs for visitors including aides, and a simple tea set. It was a typical office room.

I told him that I was okay many times, but as soon as he got to the master room, he called the Imperial Doctor.

My father, who was so relieved by the words of the Imperial Doctor that I seemed to be dizzy for a moment because of my fragile constitution, started work.

When I saw the pile of paper pilled up like a moutain, I suddenly thought about it. In my memory of dreams, I always used to handle lot of documents.

If that moment is true, can not I see and umderstand my father’s documents?

I grabbed the papers placed on the table for the aide. My father looked at me once, but I did not care much about it. Contrary to the assumption that it would be difficult, the thick documents were surprisingly read.

So, is not the memory of things a dream?

Is it a dream now too?

I lifted my trembling eyes and looked at my father. I looked at it for a moment, but I hurriedly bowed to my eyes as soon as I come to my eyes. He pretended to be a casual person and read his documents and found his head.

It’s weird. I guess something does not work out.

“Is that true? Yes? Really.”

“Yes. Really.”

Suddenly the door opened and two men came in.

A man with blazing red hair knight and an intellectual green hair. I got up from my seat in the emergence of two unfamiliar people.

Duke of Las and Duke of Verita. Teachers who taught me many things in my dreams that I can not remember dreaming.

“Good afternoon, Duke of Las, and Duke of Verita.”

“It’s been a while, Lady. Did you learn everything I told you the other day?”

Did you mention it last time? When did you teach me?

I knew it was a time when I did not go to the full-fledged Empress class. I wondered, but I still nodded at the thought of rushing into my head.

Right. It was definitely ten years since I started learning Empress class, but I was taught that before. When I came home to meet my father, I used to say that.

As I nodded, the Duke, a dimly smilling man, approaching my father.

I lifted my head, not trying to turn my attention back to paperwork. Because the Duke of Verita was staring at me. He pointed to the paper as interesting, he asked.

“Is this written by Lady now?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Why did this conclusion come out?”


The part that I thought was strange was the place of the food materials among the knighthood maintenance expenses. The document states that some of the Second Knights will go to check the marginalized teritory next month.

Then the number of knights living in capital was reduced, so the portion of food material had to be reduced. However, this paper now has the smaller reduction than the amount that should be originally reduced. In the meantime, I went to the last budget and compared the cost of food and the rise in price, but it was obvious that the cost was excessive.

When I explained this, the Duke of Verita, the one who looked at it, asked.

“If so, I would have to punish the person who reported the excessive cost of food materials?”



“They might have made a mistake. Even if it is intentional, I do not think it is right to do things without even listening the reason.”

He nodded and asked again.

“Now, why do not you come in and ask for reason?”

“It’s not possible.”

“Why is that again?”

“If they made a mistake, it would be easy, but it might be intentional. If so, you could lie to avoid punishment. How do you judge whether it is true or not? It is the first thing to ask for it in advance, and they may scared and run away. So, we’ll have to investigate for a good reason.”

“There’s a problem at the end of Lady.”

When it was heard, the Duke of Las interrupted the conversation.

“I think I have found oversized parts to save money. But if you do what Lady said, the cost of the investigation will be added. If you punish the responsible person, it will be a simple end, why should you be so bothered?”

“We are nobles.”

“What does that mean?”

The Duke of Berita got up quickly.

“We are servants to the Emperor and the nobles who rule over 20 million peoples below. It is the duty of us as noble to give all of our strength so that Your Majesty can make his choice so that our people enjoy a better life.”


“It is our aristrocacy to live with the taxes of our people’s blood and sweat. In that sense, saving the budget is very important, but not based on the sacrifice of innocent people.”


The Duke nodded silently. A smiley grinned come out from my father.

There was a very vivid memory in the way of a simple dream.

The first time I saw him, the first time I saw him, the first time I saw him, the first time I saw him. [T/N: I dont know why they repeat this phrase again and again.]

He looked up at me with a cold look. I also remembered the attitude of being cold but not letting me touch his fingertips.

He looked at me with my child phase, and I thought I was cold.

Boom, my heart ran like crazy. The back of my father came back as he was coming back to pick me up.

His face was brutally laughing, saying that he was beheading my father. His face when stabbed by a hairpin, and twisted while he was bleeding, and his eyes were laughing as if the last moment was cool.


It tore my chest. I can not breathe. I was sweating and my head buzzed. Red, green, and silver blended together.

Later, I heard a shouting sound.

Finally, the whole world has turned black to feel like someone holding me up.


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The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 2

– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.5 – Part 2 –

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I woke up. All dark.

‘Where is this place? Where is it? I do not think I’ve woken from dreams, right?’

I swooped around the unseen surroundings and screamed out.

Was I dead again? The moment I was happy for a while, the conscience of the end was the last gift God gave me?

Where is this place? Where is it? Why am I here?

The moment I tried to scream at the mood I felt crazy, I saw something shiny silver. I stretched out my trembling hands and touched a thin thread. What is this?

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– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.4 – Part 3 –

– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.4 – Part 3 –

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I was laughing at the words I never expected, and hanging on my father’s arms.

At that time, suddenly I heard a banging sound. Looking back, I saw the appearance of the knights looking at out at my father and me.

Why are you staring at me like that?

A middle-aged man and his gaze came across the head. I smiled face to face with a smile.

At that moment, the buzzing sound became bigger. What the hell are you doing?

The turmoil that continued for a long time went away after father had ordered him to leave.

I went back to my own position as if it was when I saw the document sorting and I looked up again.

Is it because of me? Do I looked different today than usual? If it really is, it’s to realistic to dream.

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– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.4 – Part 2 –

– The Abandoned Empress Vol.1 Ch.4 – Part 2 –

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“Father, father, father, daddy….”

My father suddenly settled down in a cold sweat. I felt a little crazy about it.

I looked deeply and looked around, and I saw a knight standing at his knee and a knight smilling. Somewhat… This…

“Are you okay now?”


I barely replied to the crawling voice. I was embarrassed. In front of so many people, I feel like a little child.

I could not lift my head, so I burried my face in my father’s arms.

“How did you cry so hard? Was there anything bad?”

“Well, I mean…”

Carefully, Father who laid me down on the ground knelt on one knee and come up at eye level.

I was hesitant to hesitate because I gather both hands in the appearance that I rarely see. There was a moment of silence.

“What happened, Tia? Tell me.”

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Knife and Dress

Title : Dress with Swords / Knife and Dress
μΉΌκ³Ό λ“œλ ˆμŠ€

Author : 303 planets / 303 ν–‰μ„±, Coyo / μ½”μš”

Language : Hangeul (Korea)

Status : Ongoing

Type : Manhwa

Roel, the chief of the castle knight, famous for the best of the empire. The devil, who confused her overly handsome ‘her’ as a man, locks her in the body of a Countess daughter who has been devoted to revenge on her, and who has saved her from murderous innocence, It was thw strongest article, Yu Sisirzer. Having the body of the Lady, Roel has a bloody eye and a rumor, but she is engage to a man.
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